“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” – Darius Rauba

Darius Rauba
My advantages:

1. Persistent desire to improve, to achieve the most difficult peaks
2. For internships I choose the most famous surgery centers in the world, where the most advanced operations are carried out and cutting-edge technology are used.
3. I’m going for the internships at least 1-2 times a year.
4. Once a year I go to the high level theoretical and practical courses on topics which I specialized and have interest.
5. The more complex the operation, the more severe the disease, the greater satisfaction comes to cure such patient.
6. Reading of recent literature, customization of science achievement in daily medical practice.
7. Great Lithuanian, Russian and English language skills.
8. I do not avoid responsibility; do not afraid to take the initiative. I like to take notes and instructions from my colleagues. I do not afraid to admit a mistake, but always try to correct mine mistakes.
9. At work I am a maximalist, making the same demand from the people around me.
10. At the age of 30 years old I have gained a doctoral degree. PhD in “Chronic throat pain diagnosis”.
11. More than 10 years I work as a chief of otorhinolaryngology department.
12. I’m interested in pathology of the nose and paranasal sinuses, nasal polyps and their medical and surgical treatment, as well as helping people with difficulty breathing through the nose due to nasal septum deviation, hypertrophy of nasal turbinate’s and mucosal swelling, nasal valve pathology. Restores the beauty of the external nose after trauma or other injuries. I can manage severe bleeding from the nose. During the last years I’m interesting in paranasal sinuses and skull base tumor surgery, adapting my foreign internships knowledge in practice. Perfectly mastered throat operations: tonsillectomies, adenoids removal operations in all possible modern techniques. Gained considerable experience in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with sleep apnea (pauses in breathing during sleep) and snoring at night. Operate on patients with lacrimal duct obstruction. I also operate on patients with Stage I and II laryngeal cancer, with vocal cord nodules, polyps or other pathology.
13. During operations I’m using the most advanced equipment and instruments available. I operate using high -definition (HD) videoendoskopic system, for sinuses operations we use endoscopes with various degree angulations, power tools (shavers, drills), electrocauters. As well as for the nose, throat and larynx operations we use CO2 laser, radiofrequency device, an operating microscope and coblator. I applied the principle of 4-hand mode during endoscopic sinus surgery. Having mastered the principles of work with a complex navigation system which is used in nasal tumors and complicated cases surgical treatment.
14. I’m consulting children from the age of one year old. For the diagnosis of their pathology we use a flexible, high -definition nasolaryngoscope, tympanometry.
15. I am teaching at Vilnius University Medical Faculty as a lector, making practical and theoretical courses for doctors from all over Lithuania.


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