Edoscopic sinus surgery

A moderate amount of thick and discolored drainage may continue from four to six weeks after surgery. The small mustache-dressing under your nose is for your convenience and may need to be changed frequently. When the drainage slows, you will not need to wear it. Gently wipe or dab your nose with a soft facial tissue.
You will have a stuffy, congested nose for several weeks.

Do not insert anything into the nose. If some dried blood has accumulated within your nostrils, gently remove it with a cotton tipped applicator moistened in hydrogen peroxide.

SNEEZING. If you must sneeze, do so with your mouth open so there will be less pressure
within your nose.

DRY NOSE. You must use a salt-water nasal spray (e.g. Ocean®, AYR®, Afrin Saline®) 4 to 5 times per day to keep the nose moist. When the air is dry, a cool mist vaporizer will also help keep the nose moist.DRY LIPS. Dry lips caused by breathing through your mouth can be moistened with Vaseline® or baby oil.

AIR TRAVEL. Airplanes are dry and you must be sure to keep your nose moist by using a saltwater (saline) nasal spray frequently during your flight. If you experience facial pressure during air travel, a decongestant pill (e.g. Sudafed®) or using a nasal spray (e.g. Afrin®, Neo-Synephrine®)
may provide comfort.

DISCOMFORT AFTER SURGERY. You will have some discomfort after surgery which will be more of an ache and pressure, rather than sharp pain.

As the week passes, discomfort may increase due to increased swelling and accumulation of secretions in the sinuses. Keeping your head elevated and sleeping with an extra pillow helps decrease swelling, provides for better nasal drainage and gives you added comfort.

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