Nose bleeds

Occasionally nose bleeds are severe enough to need admission to hospital but in your case the paramedic feels it is safe for you to remain at home. It is common for the nose to bleed again in the next day or two and should this happen we suggest the following:

  • For most nose bleeds simple first aid measures usually stops the bleeding
  • Blow your nose gently just once to clear the nose of fresh blood
  • Lean forwards so that the blood drips from your nose rather than down the back of your throat. Lean over a sink or bowl to catch the splashes
  • Firm pressure will stop the bleeding. Place a handkerchief or something similar over the soft part of your nose and squeeze firmly. Hold continually for at least fifteen minutes before letting go (time this by a clock or watch)
  • Do not squeeze the hard part of the nose
  • Repeat this process if the bleeding does not stop

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