Is snoring a common problem?

Yes, at least 20% of the adult population snore regularly and loud enough to disturb those around them.

Why do some people snore and others do not?

The following 5 things are most likely to make you snore:

1) Being overweight

People who are overweight are much more likely to snore than those who are the correct weight for their height. Gaining weight makes existing snoring worse and losing it makes snoring better.

2) Getting older

Snoring gets worse with age.

3) Gender

Men are three times more likely to snore than women, but of course women are also afflicted. After the menopause women tend to catch men up.

4) Drinking alcohol

Alcohol makes snoring worse. This is a direct effect because alcohol relaxes the muscles of the throat and this causes airway collapse – the cause of snoring.

5) Smoking

Smoking makes snoring worse.

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